Collection by Aaron Britt

Bar, Desk, NewYorker


The NewYorker is a savvy bit of furniture by designer Jen Turner that is at once a desk and a bar. We featured it in the November 2011 issue's 101 story on renting and here we present the fine bit of decor in all its dual-function, space-saving glory. We're betting your studio apartment didn't come with one of these. All photos by David Engelhardt.

Meant to evoke the drink trolleys of yore, the NewYorker was designed to offer business up front and a party in the...
Close the double doors of the bar end of the NewYorker and hide away your evening tipple.
The business end of things is this fold-down desk, ideal for a laptop and better still for saving the space a bulky...
It's easy to keep the two functions of the NewYorker clear: the desk pulls down (here) and the bar opens out.
The bar side also offers a couple of handy drawers to keep your spare slices of lime and that bottle opener.
The desk side of the NewYorker is rather tony indeed: recycled leather and brown ash make up the box up top.