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Connected to the kitchen by a flight of stairs, the bar features cohesive custom fittings and furniture by Eginstill.
Another view of the bar, showcasing the recycled-glass bar top.
Alameda's centerpiece is a circular bar with a poured-concrete top.
The reflective marble in the reception area and new Lobby Bar recalls a runway, according to Meyer, injecting life into...
Large windows give passersby on the Ritterstrasse a view into the open kitchen.
When Sonneman first designed Suspenders in 1989, it was made up of bulky transformers and halogen lights.
Brooklyn bar Tørst is a wood-lined space with custom, textured wall paneling and communal seating.
In the 2EM lounge, light fare like duck confit cassoulet and flatbread with lamb, blue cheese, and caramelized pears is...
A lengthy steel bar, a recurring motif in Hawkins' work that can be seen in his Reno kitchen remodel, is the...