Collection by Jacqueline Leahy

Backyards We Love


Offering places to garden, play, recline, and contemplate the view, backyards have the power to redefine the homes with which they share a site.

Chong left enough space in the 16-foot-wide backyard for a garden and comfortable dining area.
Michèle Monory’s Chinon farmhouse is an idyllic getaway from her home basein Paris.
Vandemoortele’s young sons and their friends enjoy the house’s nearly one-acre site as well, especially the lily...
Though Patel lives alone, he loves to entertain.
Mason and friends scramble around his soon-to-be tree house as Muriel swings.
The broad deck and seating area are perfect for the Mediterranean climate and invite guests outdoors.
Mary Henning and Ann Wansbrough's renovation of a semidetached cottage enables them to use 75 percent less town water...
The first thing landscape designer Laura Cooper asked Devis and Purdy was to recall childhood gardens and outdoor play.

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