Collection by Diana Budds

Backyard Retreat


When sustainable building advisor Megan Lea set out to build a backyard retreat, she knew that reclaimed materials would figure prominently into the design. What resulted is a polychrome of salvaged 100-year-old barnwood by West Salem-based Barnwood Naturals that makes the facade of this Bernard Maybeck-inspired design as unique as it is enviornmentally friendly.

The character of the woods really shines through on this project, which I really love. The hand-selected pieces with faded red paint contrasts with the grey weatherbeaten boards and sage-tinted sections covered with lichen. Also of note is the reclaimed copper roof, a lucky Craigslist find from a local remodel. Though the structure has a footprint of just 11' x 14', it's a useful extra living space to entertain, catch up on work, or just relax by the woodburning stove.

Megan Lea built a backyard retreat with reclaimed materials figuring prominently into the design.
Each of the boards is left as they were originally found (minus the errant nails and screws from their original...