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at the street confluence


The starting point of this project was a very small plot located in the old dwelling district in Poznań. This terrain was urbanized mostly in the 20s and 30s of the XX century by modernistic architecture.
Its atypical nature emphasizes the corner location at the street confluence and the triangular shape of the plot.

The main goal was to fit th design in its specific context with the shape and the form, while considering all needs and some of the dreams of the future residents.

The garden area is very limited, so the additional “solarium on the roof” was designed on the last floor of the building.

Małgorzata Siekanko, Paulina Wielgosz-Konewka, Marta Sękowska-Kulińska

visualization: Rzemiosło Architektoniczne

collage & photos: Hanna Podladowska