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Art in the Dwell

One in a Mill-ion
The Flour Mill Lofts appear in several chapters of Denver's eclectic history.
The Pee-wee Herman print that inspired the casita’s color palette hangs above a chair from Hill’s Pulpoetry series.
This House Proves Art Galleries Can Be Super-Friendly
An Antwerp home blurs the boundaries between art and design.
Two Silicon Valley Vets Master the Smart Home Without Going Full “Jetsons”
A freshly blackened veneer is the face of a San Francisco tract house’s Cloud-based reinvention.
The open plan living and dining areas benefit from a long clerestory window, while sliding doors by Metal Window...
In the flat’s living room, midcentury modern art and furniture harmonize with the rich floor tiles, opulent molded...
LED neon flex is a string of LED lights encased in PVC, making it durable, flexible, and more energy efficient.
Each house's interior is tailored to its resident, like this one styled by Christine Turknett Interiors.
Can you tell us a bit about how you found the storefront and what the space was like pre-renovation? How does the...
Street Smarts-An artist and designer couple transform an old Toronto storefront in Dundas West into a home and studio.
The shipping containers were stacked, joined with steel tubes, and lashed to reinforced floor joints to make them...
Photographer Paul Nelson followed the migratory patterns of North American birds to capture a one-of-akind glimpse of...
This New York Apartment Is What Dreams Are Made Of
The notion that all bachelors live in mismatched dorm-like apartments is antiquated—especially among Manhattan's crop of...
Rethink Design Studio shared the bedroom they designed for the Bartow Point Drive residence.
Images by Raw Color hang in a room upstairs.
Architect George Bradley and his husband, Eddie Baba, renovated a 1941 house in San Francisco.

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