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Architecture Spotlight #90 | Orchid of Naples by Tollot & C | Naples, FL


Reaching the Green Building Council's "Platinum Leed" level is no easy feat. In this Key West inspired home by Italian based design team "Tollot & C", we explore the unique aspects a home designed to such high standards. Not only is this home environmentally friendly, but it uses unique material sourced mostly from Italy including wood floors, ceilings, & furnishing. When you walk through this home, your notice something different on the senses (other than the eyes). The smells and touch of this home are something that cameras cannot capture, but really make it something truly special to live in. Take a tour of this incredible home with company owner Jacob Tollot as he dives into the elements that make it reach it's awarded standards. This home is the epitome of what future homes will be. Homes that not only nurture the user, but take care of the environment and mother earth.

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