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BA Residence is a minimal home located in Wilrijk, Belgium, designed by Vincent Van Duysen.
GUEST BEDROOM - CONTEMPORARY NYC RENOVATION: A guest room for out of town children and grandchildren, this large extra...
Home DW by Francisca Hautekeete
Home DW is a minimal house created by Belgium-based designer Francisca Hautekeete.
Fallingwater (1935, Mill Run, Pennsylvania).
Of the seven steps in Michael Pozner’s not-quite-500-square-foot aerie in Greenwich Village, five contain drawers.
Here's the rear of the residence.
Tsutsui continued the Oregon pine from the floor to the steel-reinforced cantilevered staircase, which appears to float...
Located in Los Altos, California, Curt Cline's modern house seeks to respect the neighborhood fabric.
The stacked building is an ode to drawing—it has architectural sketches etched into its concrete facade.
The lower level has a natural stone facade while polished concrete defines the upper level.
“We could lift up very easily the walls, the fittings, the shelves, the light fixtures, everything.
Much of the home’s design is based around a large, structural steel trellis supported by the second floor balcony.
Caesarstone will introduce its new Fresh Concrete, Sleek Concrete, and Raw Concrete colors.
The concrete footings have cured and now preparations will begin for the concrete slab pour.
The concrete crew works as a team.
Stepstone's narrow concrete pavers add a graphic touch to the garden.
Yumi (left) and Maya (right) cheese around on the steps leading into the front door.
One of the greatest design challenges, according to Franz and Paré-Mayer, was reimagining the dark, unfinished garage...
One of the top benefits of the San Diego tour is getting the chance to truly understand the Southern California...
Mid Century Modern View House...