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Architect Peter Cohen's Floor Plans


In addition to the wonderful letters architect Peter Cohen sent to Editor Aaron Britt while he was working on a feature story on his home, Maison Amtrak, he also sent in drawings of the four other spine-and-module houses he's designed over his career. The first was from 1961 and the most recent from this decade. His draftsmanship is as fine as his letters, and Britt finds himself to be very happy to share them with Dwell's usually floorplan-hungry readership.

Maison Amtrak, Peter and Saly Cohen's home, is the latest of five spine and module houses he's designed.
The lower level of Maison Amtrak has two studies, storage space and houses the mechanical equipment for the house.
There is a precipitous drop off the deck at Maison Amtrak, though the sloping site meant that either serious excavation...
The first spine and module house Peter Cohen designed was this one in 1961 meant for a family in Rochester, New York.
In this house the spine is more of a T-shape than a long corridor.
This elevation photo of the same house from 1961 shows Cohen's fascination with clean, vertical lines and the influence...
Viewed from above, the 1961 house appears to be three volumes rising up out of the central T. The terrace provides a...
This small cottage in Corea, Maine, was designed in 1991 as a seaside getaway for a couple.
The south elevation in Cohen's illustration looks like an agglomeration of building blocks, and the slated roofs which...
This cottage was designed as a summer home in Sorrento, Maine.
The house was not completed to Cohen's specifications though, and later when he ran into his former client, he told him...
The central spine of this 1986 design, also overlooking the ocean in Maine, is more like the one of Maison Amtrak, a...

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