Collection by Aaron Britt

Architect Matthew Hufft


Matthew Hufft is the principal and founder of Hufft Projects and the fabrication stuido MAKE, both young Kansas City, Missouri, firms that we've been keeping an eye on here at Dwell. After a phone conversation he and Senior Editor Aaron Britt had before the holidays, we figured we'd put a few more questions to him and share the result, and some of his work, with you.

To see images of Hufft's work, visit the slideshow.

Ideal working environment:My home office, in my slippers, 10 pm, jazz playing, dogs (Blue and Coltrane) at my feet.Lucky break:My parents commissioning me to design their house - The Line House.Dream commission:Our own home, which we are just now starting to design.Hero:My Miele coffee machine at the office - it greets me with a perfect cup of coffee every morning. Anti-hero:Petroleum Addiction and those that are in a position to help the world but choose profit instead. Irritating buzzword:Green.Highest compliment:Being asked to build someone’s home. A home is where you eat, sleep, make memories – it’s the most intimate space. I never get over being entrusted with that responsibility. A book:Hot, Flat and Crowded by Thomas l. Friedman.A film:The Right StuffAn album:Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco.Eureka moment:My son, Rock's, birth.Worst ever idea:A third martini.Best advice:With passion and perseverance you can do anything.When not designing:This means I would be sleeping.Best seat in the house:Balcony, front row, aisle with Jesse, my wife, seated next to me.I wish I had:More time.Looking forward to:The launch of my new outdoor furniture line Edwin Blue, which is set for this year, but in the short term, a martini... I never learn.

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