Collection by Zachary Edelson

An Ode to the Stool 60 by Alvar Aalto


It's hard to conceive of a simpler, warmer, more efficient design: Alvar Aalto's Stacking Stool (model 60)—designed in 1933—consists of a single surface supported by three legs, each a single piece of bent wood. This curved leg means the stool has no traditional furniture joints and can easily be mass produced (three screws connect each leg to the base). Moreover, its dimensions allow the stool to be infinitely stackable with other Stool 60s. As a pioneering design of modern wood furniture, we salute the humble Stacking Stool (model 60) with six examples of its use in contemporary homes.

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The almost-entirely tallowwood kitchen is custom.
The couple’s ten-year-old twins have connecting rooms next to a play space furnished with Aalto stools, a table from...
The central terrace works as a buffer between the study, atelier and bedroom and bathroom located on both sides of the...
Books from Aulenti’s extensive library overflow onto stools—designed by Alvar Aalto and produced by Artek—in her...
The addition’s two stories of cedar-framed sliding doors and window provide generous views of the house’s prized...
The open-plan, double-height kitchen/living/dining area makes the most of the house's 1,700 square feet.