Collection by Emma Janzen

An All-in-One Addition That Comes Prefabricated


Cocoon9’s prefab cabin makes the most of its petite imprint.

Devised as a compact but extremely flexible all-in-one addition, Cocoon9’s prefab cabin illustrates how to make the most out of very little square-footage. The international firm specializes in prefab design and construction. Every model incorporates elements that open up and fold away to increase flexibility and functionality. The models are not only beautiful--they’re also environmentally friendly, employing sustainable materials like FSC certified bamboo, cerused oak and low-e insulated glass with thermally broken aluminum frames to minimize the need for artificial heating and cooling.

The 480-square-foot floor plan runs long and narrow to make shipping more efficient and stacking and combining units...
The floor-to-ceiling windows also maximize daylight and transparency in areas like the living room, where a pleasing...
Matte white lacquer is used extensively in the hallway, contrasting softly with the oak flooring.
The cabin features several examples of multi-purpose casework that open and fold away to add extra functionality to...
To keep the bathroom light and reflective, Cocoon9 chose marble mosaics for the walls, broken up by sleek black...

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