Collection by Zachary Edelson

An Airstream Trailer Brimming with Smart Home Technology


Seattle-based marketing executive Chris Pendl used the smart home app Wink to make his mobile second home more secure, efficient, and convenient.

To learn more about Wink, visit their website.

When Pendl wanted a second home for road trips, Airstream was the clear choice: it matched his own love for modern and...
The trailer is stored about an hour from his home, so security was a top concern.
In short, "turning the trailer into a smart home has also eliminated a lot of potential stress." Air cards connect the...
The Wink Relay, seen here, shows the same control and monitoring interface visible on Pendl's smartphone.
The interface Pendl uses to control his Philips Hue LED lights.
Using another service, Outback Power, Pendl can see how much energy he's drawing from (or sending to) the grid when his...
What's next for Pendl? "I'm looking at adjusting the layout slightly to...gain a little more counter space.