Collection by Zachary Edelson

30+ All-Black Exterior Modern Homes


Block is a great color for a modern exterior. Here's a collection of various modern homes we chose for their use of black siding; wether it be wood, steel or other. Click on the photos to find more information about each home.

A section of the roof reaches over a rock outcropping—a detail that visually connects the house to the landscape and...
House O, designed by Jun Igarashi, forgoes hallways and interior doors in favor of casually interconnected rooms.
The owners’ goal was to transform the 19th-century building into a bold single-family residence.
The Shayan House takes full advantage of its canyon site.
The design eschews right angles on the exterior and interior, which was one of the most challenging aspects of the...
Sævik compares her house to a contemplative hideout. “It’s very quiet,” she says.
For 2015, Vipp, the Danish industrial design company known for its iconic trash cans and all-black kitchens, introduces...
The house is divided into three sections connected by a series of outdoor galleries.
Torontonians Dan and Diane Molenaar head north to Drag Lake when they need a weekend away from urban life—though they...
In Scandinavian regions, traditional cabins are painted black using a mixture of tar and linseed oil.
Linden specified a black stain from Cabot for the house’s exterior.
Since Copenhagen is generally cold, the house was painted black to trap warmth.
A client with grown children requested a small dwelling that could double as a work space.
Courtyard House, Location: Somers Victoria Australia, Architect: Rowan Opat .Evolving from the notion of a series of...
Fujimori demonstrates the process of charring cedar boards.
“Sustainability is very important to us,” lead architect Heather Dubbeldam says.
Storey calls this house the “Eel’s Nest,” after the narrow urban properties that go by that name in Japan.
A side view of the house and of Salmela’s signature architectural feature: the “unchimney.” All windows are from Loewen.
Though traditionally, three Japanese cedar boards are bound to form a long triangle and a fire is started within the...