Collection by Kelsey Keith

Airy Attic Renovations


With a little ingenuity, attics under the eaves can be transformed into bright, light living spaces.

While attics are especially cozy in winter, a bright and airy renovation is more than possible, as these five homes illustrate. And why shouldn't they be filled with light? Attics are on the top floor, so capitalize on their proximity to daylight and accent with white paint, built-ins to manage clutter, clean paneling, and dormer windows to help the effect.

This four-level penthouse apartment in New York has some quieter moments (to contrast with the multistory reflective...
The McDonalds enjoy the extra space afforded by their attic addition.
Frequent Dwell architect-subjects El Dorado, Inc.
The snug attic contains the couple’s platform bed, custom designed by Bjerre-Poulsen to maximize storage and fit the...
A small bed for Maja is tucked under the eaves on the other side of the photo wall.
In the tiny sleeping loft is a platform bed with two drawers beneath it. In place of wallpaper, Schönning enlarged a...
Schenk and Kaewlai on the second floor of Large, where Schenk eliminated the attic and several walls to create a more...

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