Collection by Zachary Edelson

Accessories for the Modern Bicycler


Lightweight, eco-friendly, and thoughtfully-designed, the bicycle could be the epitome of modern transportation. You don't need to be a Dwell enthusiast to appreciate these six stylish and practical accessories for bicycling.

The Cycloc Endo Hanging Bike Rack can store bicyles on the wall or floor: one piece locks the front tire in place with...
The Contour Key Rings calls to the look of retro, oversized key rings, with a modern slant.
Designed by the renowned Konstantin Grcic for Maharam, the Tube Bag sports a tough polyurethane shell and padded...
As its name suggests, a Lucetta Magnetic Bike Light Sets uses magnets to secure lights to your bicycle frame: a white...
BareBands Digital Watch, $40 at the Dwell...
Last but not least, there's the classic Viva Brass Bicycle Bell whose retro-inspired form is 100% brass.

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