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Fancy facades, fenestrations, and more

Adjaye cut a gap straight through the roof and facade.
Inspired by Sydney Opera House, Maynard, and Austin paid careful attention to the extension’s “fifth elevation"—the way...
While FAT's work is over-the-top, even bombastic, it retains connection to its surroundings, often through materials.
The Victorian ash siding keeps this Australian bungalow courtyard cool in warm temperatures.
The exterior is clad in eastern hemlock.
The studio is located in the natural context of the Scottish coast, with the island of Jura in the distance.
The Baumann family residence in Gowanus, Brooklyn, is all geometry up front, with a rectilinear grid of steel and...
Architect Indra Janda hand-cut sheets of polycarbonate into 15¾-inch square shingles and clad the entire timber...
Contemporary Nordic Town House
With their light, white house that owes equal debts to its Nordic surroundings and to the Japanese provenance of its architects,...