Collection by Diana Budds

A Space-Saving, Flexible Retail Design in Japan


In Tokyo, the Japanese interdisciplinary design firm Nosigner has created a space-saving retail concept for the children's shop Aeru. "The space was made to be like a living room where people could relax, rather than feel like they're in a store," says Nosigner's Mayumi Tokumoto.

Aeru is a Japanese brand specializing in products for children six years old and under.
When Aeru hosts workshops and events, the shelf rotates flat into the wall to accommodate seating.
Nosigner used castor aralia wood for the design and comissioned a carpenter in Yokohama who specialized in large-scale...
The lower shelves are positioned at a height that's accessible for children.
To make shopping more comfortable, Aeru offers a private breastfeeding room.
Customers can peruse the store's catalog from a comfy sofa.
The shelf is eight feet tall, eleven feet long, and each of the eight tiers is about 1.3 feet deep.
The shelf can be used in a variety of combinations, either partially or fully extended depending on the store's needs.
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