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A Simple Gabled House Features an Intricate Latticework Shell


Architect Sven Matt mixed basic shapes with rich details in this Austrian home.

It seems impossible to be a minimalist and maximalist at the same time, but that's what Sven Matt achieved last year, when he designed a 1,600-square-foot home in the hilly west Austrian town of Bregenzerwald for his brother Björn and sister-in-law Julia. The house's basic pared-down shape contrasts with its intricate, latticework shell—both inspired by regional design. "The use of wood, formal reduction and still a rich, ornamented facade is a traditional motif," he explains.

The lattice shell was hewn from silver fir sourced from a nearby forest.
Residents enter the house from the street through the upper level, which contains the bedrooms.
Contrasting with the densely organized upper floor, the lower one features one main open area for cooking, eating, and...
Plaster walls mixed with gray marble powder dominate the interior of the bottom floor, complementing its spruce wood...
Built-in shelving crafted by local carpenters distinguish the living area from the service zone, where appliances and...
An unadorned spruce wood staircase leads to the upper level.
Spruce wood also lines the floor, walls, and ceiling in the bedrooms.
A skylight floods the loft space with daylight and offers views of the stars at night.
The latticework shell becomes a visual motif in the bathroom, furnished with appliances from Keramag, Kludi, and Laufen.
The house's simple gable form helps the house blend in with its neighbors.
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