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A Renovation Reconnects a House to its Louisiana Landscape


A modern makeover puts a Baton Rouge home in touch with its picturesque surroundings.

In a historic area of Baton Rouge, a growing family sought to expand their home and reconnect it to its beautiful natural surroundings. The original house, built in a traditional style, offered poor visual and physical access to the property’s numerous amenities: a pond, chicken coops, garden, a large oak tree, and extensive open landscape. The family asked the designers and builders of +one design & construction for easier movement between indoors and outdoors while crafting an open interior with contemporary features and comforts. Lastly, as the family frequently hosts guests for grilling and socializing, the renovation would have to entail a new outdoor kitchen and patio.

The front elevation reveals two exterior innovations by the architects.
The house’s entrance reveals some of its new floor-to-ceiling windows, many of which double as sliding doors for easy...
The concrete directional pavers, which begin outside the main entrance, continue through the kitchen and outside to the...
The motif of stone directional pavers culminates in these concrete benches, ideal for hosting and relaxing.
Nestled in between the master bedroom addition and the master bathroom is an outdoor shower.
The shower offers a multisensory experience: the architect described how clients can take hot showers in the rain or...
Back in the entry foyer, the architects removed a fully enclosed stair to open up the interior.
Oak trees are a precious but delicate feature of southern landscapes: their shallow roots extend far from their bases...
The guestroom also features floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, affording the same outdoor access, which here looks...

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