Collection by Alexandra Chang

A Printer That Moves Down a Stack of Paper


In a re-imagination of the everyday printer, designer Mugi Yamamoto has created the Stack, a printer that is placed atop a pile of paper and moves down as it prints. Yamamoto developed the device as his diploma project at Ecole Cantonale D'Art Lausanne in Switzerland, where he studied industrial and product design. Thanks to a lot of trial and error in design and studying many modern-day printers, Yamamoto was able to remove the need for a paper tray. Instead, the Stack has a set of rubber wheels on the bottom that feed paper into the machine, effectively minimizing the amount of space the printer takes up. Given how much of our homes' countertops and desks are covered with gadgets, Yamamoto's Stack is an incredibly smart design that shows how technology can be sleek, effective and attractive. Currently, the Stack is still in prototype form, though Yamamoto says he is looking to work with companies to sell the machine.

Printed sheets create a new stack of paper on top of the machine.
The printer has a very small footprint, measuring in at only 5cm tall, and no larger than an A3 sheet of paper.
Although small in size, the Stack can be used to print massive documents.
The internal mechanisms of the Stack.
The printer deconstructed to give a view of all its pieces.
The bottom of the printer, where paper is fed into the machine.
The Stack uses standard inkjet cartridges.