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A Polish Factory is Reborn as a Stylish Tailoring Studio


Something interesting appears to be happening in Katowice, Poland. Last week, we profiled a design boutique that recently opened there. Now comes word that Poszetka, which trades in hand-sewn ties, pocket squares and foulards, has expanded its operation into a brick-and-mortar store that occupies a formerly abandoned sewing factory. The owner, Joanna Krajewska Godziek, hired the architect Grzegorz Layer to reconfigure the structure and redesign the approximately 1,100-square-foot interior into a modern showroom for Poszetka's bespoke wares.

The shop is divided into two zones: a sales floor under a mezzanine and a tailering workshop dominated by machinery and...
Godziek says the neighboring Geszeft boutique and the niche store Stereo Design helped to inspire the look of the new...
Three large containers of debris were hauled away during the construction process, Godziek says.
The construction process yielded what Godziek calls "production residues, such as hooks, hangers and lamps." Some of...
The shop specializes in custom ties, pocket squares, bow ties and foulards.
"The workplace is not isolated," Godziek says. "It is a part of the sales area.
There are two shop windows in the front and two large windows in the back.
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