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A New Product Controls Your Smart Home with a Wave of Your Finger


Thanks to advanced image-recognition software, a new product called Singlecue can read the subtle movements of a single finger to dim the lights, change the channel, and more. Singelcue hit the market last week and promises to bring control of multiple smart (and old-fashioned) household devices—quite literally—at your finger tips.

Developed by eyeSight Technologies Ltd., a developer of machine vision and gesture-recongition software, Singlecue could consolidate control of multiple smart home systems with a single control: your finger. It retails for $199 (plus shipping) is available for purchase through their website.

The Singlcue device, seen here just below the TV, was designed to be visually ubobstrusive and blend into any living...
The other half was visual and graphic: Singlcue's developers had to design a simple, universal set of symbols to...
While devices like Microsoft's Kinect need to detect your movement in three dimensions—thereby needing some advanced...
Singlcue's app lets users set up their hardware, add new devices, customize their settings, and run through tutorials.