Collection by Skylar Bergl

A New Model for Suburbia


Hong Kong architect Otto Ng drew inspiration from challenges facing the modern world to design an innovative suburban model that could become reality. His model, called Transcity, blurs the line between urban and suburban to foster a sustainable infrastructure.

Ng's Transcity model seems futuristic, but it addresses several modern day movements: urbanization, global warming, and...
More people than ever live in the cities and his model reflects that.
The U.S. suburban area has shrunk due in part to the economic crash.
According to Ng, housing must be addressed differently than normal to maintain a balanced density.
The accessibility to transportation may bring about visions of a sprawling metropolis.
To foster that willingness to share, Ng designed Transcity with multiple housing types.
Another step was to incorporate what Ng calls the "Walmart typology" into a landscape that is still well-connected to...
Ng unites the neighborhoods with the city via what he calls the Axial Platform.
This model illustrates how this urban retail would play into the walkable space of the Axial Platform.
The Axial platform acts as a border for the major city area and defines the edge of the Transcity infrastructure within...

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