Collection by Diana Budds

A Minimal, Metal-Clad Montreal House With A Hidden Courtyard


Architect Thomas Balaban creates a secret outdoor oasis within a Montreal house.

Located in Montreal, Tuan Vu and Jean François's sleek modern home is designed to balance the need for privacy while...
The house is in a traditional area with strict building restrictions.
Since the sunniest part of the lot is at its center, Balaban designed the residence around a courtyard.
The kitchen looks out onto the courtyard. Inside the house, the floors are heated polished concrete.
The kitchen is from the Italian company Cesar. "It's fabulous—pure lines, sophisticated, and very convenient," Vu says.
"The bathrooms were the only other 'events' we wanted in the structure of the house," Balaban says.
Balaban designed the staircase to read like a piece of furniture. It features handsome wood steps and a metal railing.
"We wanted to build an intimate space which also has a more modern look than the traditional houses in the...
Every room in the house looks onto an outdoor space.