Collection by Emma Janzen

A Miami Oasis Pays Homage to Florida's Rich Architectural Heritage


When architects Melissa and Jacob Brillhart set out to design their new home in downtown Miami, they drew inspiration from Florida modernism and the dogtrot model to create a tropical oasis in the city. The couple designed and built most of the home themselves, making it a truly personal haven.

The 1,500-square-foot home features a striking interplay of sharp glass and soft wood shutters, creating a simple and...
Lightweight shuttered doors made of western red cedar line the outer edge of the front porch, providing privacy and...
The shutter system creates a stunning interplay of light in the front patio space.
For the kitchen, American cherry wood was used to create cabinets that establish a warm and sturdy tone.
Himalayan marble countertops and stainless steel appliances lend moments of clean modernism to the kitchen, which is...
The master bathroom extends the same visual themes found throughout the rest of the home to keep the overall scheme...
In the living room, the Brillharts created a “unified, simple and clean design” that incorporated a bookcase and...
Between the front and rear exteriors, over 800-square-feet of patio space extend the living areas into the outdoors.
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