Collection by Jordan Kushins

A Look Inside V&A Pattern


London's Victoria and Albert Museum has opened up its extensive archives and published the fantastic V&A Pattern volumes. The first four hardcover editions in the series are William Morris, Indian Florals, Digital Pioneers, and The Fifties, and page after page feature prints, patterns, and color combinations. It's an amazing set and resource, as each has a disc with every image in high resolution for use in your own projects and decorative endeavors. Purchase the books individually or as a set at Amazon, and keep an eye out in June 2010 for the next additions to the series: Kiminis, Novelty Patterns, Secret Garden, and Owen Jones. We can't wait!

"Ljus i Flaske (Light in Bottles)" is a peacock-esque wallpaper sample by Preben Dahlstrom for Dahls tapetfabrik,...
This plotter drawing by Robert Mallary is Untitled, and one of our favorites from the collection.
British textile designer William Morris made a tremendous impact on decorative design just before the turn of the 19th...
The simple links of "Fibra" break up the lines of Esther Haraszty's furnishing fabric for Knoll. 1953, from The Fifties.
Charles Csuri's "Flies" screenprint depicts a graphic swarm. 1967, from Digital Pioneers.
Paul Brown's plotter drawing "BIGDIM / 0 10 10 0 0 0 / 200,120 / 11,969" is an intricate progression and deconstruction...
From Northern India, this sample is a length of printed, painted, and dyed cotton that came from a dress or furnishing...
"Graphica" is a furnishing fabric sample from British textile design maven Lucienne Day for Heal's.
"Collonade" is a wallpaper sample that Robert Nicholson designed for Palladio Wallpapers. 1955 from The Fifties.
Liberty & Co. has been a leader in textile designs for well over 100 years.
Harold Cohen wrote the computer program that produced "AARON." 2003, from Digital Pioneers.
James Faure Walker's "Proposition V: Green" is a composite ink jet print. 1991, from Digital Pioneers.