Collection by Zachary Edelson

A Husband and Wife Duo Designing Beautiful Homewares in Rich South American Hardwoods


In our March issue, we explore how Argentine architects Nicolas Tovo and Teresa Sarmiento built a Buenos Aires home—filled with recycled materials—for themselves and their three young children. That thriftiness extends to Sarmiento, the toys and homewares business that Teresa founded: she uses wood leftover from NET, the furniture and design company where Nicolas works. Click through to see some of their products and learn more!

NET was founded by renowned architect Alejandro Sticotti in 1990.
Sticotti cites a mixture of design inspiration from Japan, Scandinavia, and European designers who emigrated to the...
Sticotti collaborates closely with Tovo in the design and production of their pieces; six to seven designers and...
Most of NET's products are sold through Argentine retailers and NET's own showroom in Buenos Aires.
In 2014, Teresa began collaborating with her sister on Sarmiento, which produces toys, artwork, and home accessories.
Teresa fashions Sarmiento's prototypes in her basement workshop, then collaborates with a small team to fabricate them.
Ships are a common motif in Sarmiento's toys: "Our grandfather had a very well-known shipyard of sailboats," says...
When it comes to product testing, Sarmiento has no shortage of willing volunteers: Teresa's children Manuel (age 6),...
Their products, like the calendar seen here, are mostly available in Argentine musuem shops and select stores, though...

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