Collection by Luke Hopping

A Handpicked Selection of Office Tools for Cutting Clutter and Jumpstarting Creativity


To their signature line of dry erase paint, IdeaPaint adds WorkShop, a curated collection of fun, functional workplace accessories.

The Perch Pack, a modular, magnetic container by Urbio, lets users store their essentials wherever they use them most.
Both the sitting and standing versions of DESK 01, a collaboration between Artifox and IdeaPaint, are outfitted with...
An ergonomic "task stool" and foot rest for standing desks, Focal Upright's Mobis Seat provides relief for those who...
A dash of Clear IdeaPaint turns iSkelter's bamboo IDP Tab LabDesk into a surface for jotting down notes on-the-go.
The complete line of WorkShop products, including limited edition items, is available now.