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A Glass Addition Blends Right in at This London Victorian


A wraparound glass wall connects the first-level of this East London extension to the garden, and creates the appearance that the second-level floats on thin air.

In Hackney, East London, Cousins & Cousins Architects transformed a Victorian home, crafting an addition that is both inconspicuous and transformative. The extension, which houses a dining room on its first floor and a bedroom on its second, was built using bricks and windows repurposed from an earlier demolition. The most noticeable update is the addition's lower level, which features two floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Consequently, the dining area flows into the garden and light streams into the reconfigured kitchen-dining area. Thus, the impact of Cousins & Cousins’ addition greatly outstrips its modest footprint.

With the deliberate exception of its glass wall, the addition blends in seamlessly with the existing Victorian home.
In addition to blurring the line between house and garden, the extension’s frameless glass wall fully surrounds the...
While the extension centers on the dining area, its ample openings bring light pouring into the rest of the house as...
The dining area looks out directly at the garden with only a solitary hanging light interrupting sightlines.
The dining room is accessible through custom timber and glass sliding doors.
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