Collection by Ian Spula

A Giant, 20-Module Prefab Perched Across a Coastal Site in British Columbia


An architect designs a daring home in scenic Western Canada.

This enormous modular home by Tony Robins of Vancouver-based AA Robins Architect was built in partnership with a prefabrication factory. Two-foot-wide steel beams were enlisted to support the 20-module home. The primary building’s wings frame Pacific Ocean views and wrap a private courtyard with an infinity-edge pool. Five bedrooms disperse in a U-shape, along a corridor punctuated by low, horizontal windows facing the courtyard. To unite the character of the site, built form, and interior spaces, Robins exerted control over all aspects of the project.

The main building sinks then elevates in full view of ocean.
The bedroom corridor cuts away to glass directly above the infinity-edge pool, delivering a design jolt akin to being...
The L-shaped secondary building perches over a craggy escarpment.
Where the floating outbuilding meets a grove of silver cedar, galvanized steel columns match the trunks.
The kitchen and double height living room is steps from the pool.
Robins sees the black Edra black sofas in the living and dining areas as “soft cartoons of furniture, appropriate for...
In this bathroom, a twisting concrete volume rises out of the floor to form the sink, vanity, medicine cabinet, as well...