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7 Chic Small-Space Storage Solutions


Ample storage is a luxury awarded to few. Whether you live in a small New York studio or a dainty beach cottage, cozy homes rarely brim with excess space. Those of us who bear the burden of little to no storage room take cluttervery seriously. From exploring the Marie Kondo method to scrutinizing small-space trends, no trick or hack is beneath us. We will go to great lengths to simulate a wide and empty space—while in fact everything is just cleverly concealed. Taking cues from our favorite rooms, we've investigated seven ways to increase your storage opportunities in kitchens and bathrooms, so you can maximize what space you do have—and do it in style. Get your drills ready because we're taking storage to new heights.

Install Shelving Finding storage areas in small spaces requires maximum use of every available nook and cranny, even...
Skirt the Issue Adding a chic skirt under a counter, to a table, or around a pedestal sink will not only provide an...
7 Chic Small-Space Storage Solutions Photo by Manuel Rodriguez Design by Megan Pflug #design #smallspace #storage...
Think Outside the Drawer If you're lacking drawers, consider relocating the items usually found in them, like cutlery...
Utilize Your Corners Empty or awkward corners are perfect places to incorporate additional storage space.
Install Wall-Mounted Faucets Counter space is a coveted luxury in a small bathrooms.
Display Your Pots Don't waste valuable cupboard space in small kitchens by storing your pots and pans.
Go Above and Beyond The spaces between a door or window frame and your ceiling are excellent places to add an...
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