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Creative Revival of a Modernist Gem
Introducing a series of structures, two architects weave a house with a notable pedigree into the landscape.
Former Auto Body Shop Transformed Into Zen Bathhouse
Three years in the making, Onsen is a brand-new, Japanese-inspired bathhouse and restaurant in the heart of San Francisco.
Way Out West
Leaving the bustle of Washington, D.C., architect Joe Day and his wife return to California and discover that life in a...
Similar to other Fickett homes—which the neighborhood is filled with—it includes original paneling throughout the home...
The original wood flooring remains in the kitchen and living rooms, while the kitchen was renovated with new surfaces...
At the threshold between the public realm and the private.
Though small, the kitchen feels generously bright. Its cabinets were custom-built by Bob Clausen, a local craftsman.