Collection by Miyoko Ohtake

01SJ Biennial: Build Your Own World


This past weekend marked the third 01SJ Biennial, held in San Jose, California. "The Silicon Valley is such a capitol of innovation, technology, and people thinking creatively that we wanted to create a festival highlighting that intersection of art and technology," says Jaime Austin, the festival's assistant curator. Exhibits, sculptures, and performances took over venues across the city but the center of it all was in the San Jose Convention Center's South Hall. This year's theme, Build Your Own World, lead to the naming of the hall's title: Out of the Garage, Into the World. "We tried to make the world's largest garage," Austin says "because so many Silicon Valley companies started in garages." Over 30 artists moved into the space on September 4, preparing their creations (fully while on view to the public) before the biennial began on September 16. "The goal is to have people engage with the projects," Austin says.

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