Workspace Workout Furniture by Darryl Agawin

Workspace Workout Furniture by Darryl Agawin

By Eujin Rhee
Break a sweat with Darryl Agawin's 3-piece workspace multi-functional furniture set fit for all ages.

To see the No, Sweat! in action, check out the video below:

Mid-work day blues? Get those bloodlines flowing by engaging your body in everything from pushups to lunges, rollups to bar raises, and hundreds of other excercises with the No, Sweat! by Canadian product designer Darryl Agawin. Photo by: Mark Stokoe

Designed to easily transform into exercise furniture at any given time, the No, Sweat! can be used wherever you find yourself plopped down and working, such as a commercial office or studio apartment. Photo by: Mark Stokoe

Easily remove the red laptop rester from the desk to create some height while lifting. Photo by: Mark Stokoe

The complete excercise set includes a balance board, step, weight bar, skip rope, and kettle ball. Click here to see it in action!

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