This Fantastic Dressing Room Is Serious Eye Candy

This Fantastic Dressing Room Is Serious Eye Candy

Wonder Galaxy is a super Instagrammable showroom at the 2019 Casa Decor exhibition in Spain that serves up a sci-fi and fantasy-tinged experience.

In a classical building in Madrid’s upscale neighborhood of Salamanca, an interior design bonanza is currently underway. As part of the six-week 2019 Casa Decor interior design exhibition, over 50 spaces in the building’s four floors have been temporarily transformed into showrooms for today’s biggest interior trends. Among these spaces is a dream-like dressing room—arguably Casa Decor’s most playful and Instagrammable this year.

The focal point of the room is "Thunder Face" by Paul Fuentes, a David Bowie-inspired print that features the model Ronja Okane as a 21st-century superhero. The fabric on the walls, ceiling, and furniture were sourced from Gaston and Daniela.

Designed by local firm Patricia Bustos Studio, the multi-sensory dressing room—dubbed Wonder Galaxy—feels both futuristic and retro with elements borrowed from not only the contemporary works of graphic designer Paul Fuentes and the imagery of Sophia Amoruso’s Nasty Galaxy book, but also the space-age whimsy of the 1960s.

The multi-colored carpet by Ragmati was created with a soft and "furry" feel to contrast with the hard surfaces.

"[Wonder Galaxy] is a futuristic dream that explores the relationship between the future and the dream world which brings us back to our childhood," the studio explains. "We asked why, as adults, we usually opt to banish fantasies, stop our imagination, and become more serious and formal."

The bathtub is covered in pyramidal glass mosaic and filled with balls resembling giant soap bubbles.

A close up of the bathtub "soap bubbles."

The studio believes the answer to reviving this forgotten childhood creativity and energy lies in the abundant use of color, surprise, and beauty. Filled with bright pastels, whimsical art, and multi-sensory elements—including Dior perfume scents—Wonder Galaxy is designed to transport visitors to a utopian dream world that inspires feelings of limitless potential.

Repeating arches, asymmetrical shapes, and color gradients give the dressing a feeling of "infinite depth." The textured walls are by Orac Decor.

The patterns on the walls symbolize video game pixelation to evoke a sense of virtual reality.

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The SPACESHIP sinks are made from Hisbalit glass mosaic and pink alabaster stone. The minimalist taps are polished brass.

Pink, a color of significance for designer Patricia Bustos, dominates the color palette of the 484-square-foot dressing room. "It has some magic that could change anything serious to playful; it modernizes the most classic piece, or it refreshes the most sober and boring environment," the studio notes.

Patricia Bustos Studio designed the BUBBLE GUM sofa made from wood and upholstered in metallic pink fabric.

The designers installed Philips Hue Smart Lighting to manipulate the lighting.

"Fantasy colors and soap bubbles are mixed with unusual materials such as iridescent tiles to generate an atmosphere that brings us to another galaxy and helps us to visualize new horizons where we can dream and be ourselves."

All the furnishings were designed by Patricia Bustos Studio save for the ceiling lamps, which are a Joa Herrenknecht design by the brand Bolia.

Framed in gold-painted metal, the wardrobes are faced with iridescent acrylic glass that pops against the matte tile.

Small recycled glass tiles in various colors cover the walls. The glass tile is by Hisbalit with installation by Jd7 Group.

The ephemeral Wonder Galaxy exhibition will be on display until the conclusion of Casa Decor, on March 10, 2019. 

A symphony of color, textures, and shapes, Wonder Galaxy offers a layered, multi-sensory experience.


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