What We Were Talking about in Tech 10 Years Ago This Month: CD Storage and Cellular Headsets!

We revisit the tech products from our January/February 2005 issue.
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After reporting on the tech developments at CES 2015 this week, we thought a little throwback would be appropriate. What tech was changing the industry 10 years ago this month? A look back at our January/February 2005 issue reveals a few funny gems. We wrote about the Luz unit by Norberto Delfinetti for Frighetto Industrie. Our review? "This storage unit has ample space for all your antiquated CD cases while looking just as pretty as your 40GB iPod."

Luz by Norberto Delfinetti for Frighetto Industrie, a storage unit for holding CDs.

Another find—a Jawbone headset by Fuseproject (before they were making SodaStreams and the sleek home tech systems we know about today).

The January 2005 edition of Dwell, featuring the Jawbone headset by Fuseproject.

What we had to say: "Have you noticed the surging population of people carrying on one-way conversations in broad daylight? What you don’t see are the mics they have plugged into pocketed digital mobile devices. Replacing your headpiece with Jawbone won’t make your conversation any less annoying for your fellow earthlings, but—with the help of a cheek-vibration-detecting voice enhancer—at least it’ll be crystal-clear for you."


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