VSCO RAW/X and Topo Designs

VSCO RAW/X and Topo Designs

By Jonathan Simcoe / Published by Jonathan Simcoe
VSCO's latest crop of mobile tools enables incredible photographic power within the palm of your hand.

VSCO has long been a steward of quality, nuance, and depth in the photographic industry. From their vintage Film packs to their photo studio for mobile devices, VSCO is pushing the boundaries of what can be done with digital and mobile photography.

In the last month, they've released two incredible new features: VSCO X and VSCO Raw on iOS.


VSCO X is the latest effort at bringing the quality and control of VSCO's excellent Film presets for Lightroom to mobile devices. X is a subscription-based service that enables access to VSCO's entire library of 100+ mobile presets, as well as select new presets that are based on actual vintage film grains. X launches with 4 of these special film presets: Kodak Portra 160, Kodak Portra 400, Kodak Tri-X, and Fuji Pro 400H.

VSCO X film filters have 2 extra editing modes: character and warmth that allow precision control over how the presets are applied.

The VSCO X tools work on any standard mobile photographs but they are optimized for images taken with VSCO's new RAW Capture or dSLR cameras that have captured images in RAW format.


VSCO's camera on iOS can now capture pictures in RAW DNG format. These images have the full range of exposure, color, and other data to allow a much broader range of editing capabilities. The new VSCO app for iOS has an all new editing engine that works to squeeze incredible precision and detail out of RAW images captured on mobile or imported into the app.

Topo Designs sent me some new products to review recently and while I'm not ready for a full write-up, I took full advantage of VSCO's new RAW capture to play around with the new suite of editing tools and capture some shots of some gear.

* * *

Rover Pack (Black/Navy)

The Rover Pack performed great on trips to and from the coffee shop in the snow.

The Topo mug seemed right at home in the frosty cold surroundings.

The hot steam and warm fire make a nice backdrop to this scene. VSCO RAW captures light beautifully with a range of expression. Notice the steam billowing out of the insulated mug.

* * *

Along the way I did have a chance to capture some serene winter scenery. So far I'm more than impressed with VSCO's new features. They are changing the mobile photography game... yet again.

Snow rests gently on evergreen needles on a cold, winter day.

Icy foot tracks mark this snow-pelted section of railroad track.

The outline and detail of a lone leaf are sharpened by the icy street.

Ice and snow crust a rocky embankment.


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