A Cube-Shaped Japanese Home Opens Wide to the Mountains and Sky

A Cube-Shaped Japanese Home Opens Wide to the Mountains and Sky

By Cullen Ormond
A ribbon of glass slices through this monolithic house, framing views of the surrounding landscape.

Built at eye level with the clouds, Villa in Miyama is an elegant wood-wrapped retreat located in Karuizawa, a rural town in Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The home’s lower level is flush with glazing that reflects the picturesque scenery: rolling mountains, the shifting sky, and clusters of trees.

Endo Architect and Associates sought to blend the interior and exterior realms in the cube-shaped home. The living room and dining room are completely exposed, except for two walls that shield the staircases. The upper level holds the private areas of the home—including a bathroom, bedrooms, and a library.

The home’s interior is almost completely painted white, in stark contrast to the dark, rich wood paneling of the exterior. The layout draws the eye to the expansive windows and the landscape beyond.

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