Victoria Keddie: Portraits

Victoria Keddie: Portraits

Portraiture is an art form often perceived as antiquated or relegated to royalty, calling to mind beautiful renderings of rosy-faced children in layers of lace and velvet, lounging by the harpsichord, juice goblets in hand. But lately portraiture has re-introduced itself to well-curated apartments and homes of New York.
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Among the artists bringing it back is Brooklyn's Victoria Keddie, who has a style that's approachable, modern, and charmed. Read: Her work is beautiful, and you don't have to be a Duke to afford it.

She works with live models preferably, time and geography permitting; otherwise a photograph and some conversations will do. Her goal is to capture a person's essence in the span of a glance. As such, she likens her work more to photography than art.

Minimal? Check. Modern? Check. Human and warm? Check, check.


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