Vespa Revamped

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By Sarah Rich
While probably not ideal for rainy climes, Portuguese carpenter/designer Carlos Alberto built a Vespa that could be reason enough for some people to move to a desert (one without sandstorms, naturally). The beautifully crafted vehicle is a DIY update on a decrepit model Alberto needed to fix up.

Now dubbed the "Daniela," the old scooter is a work of art, though admittedly perhaps not the most aerodynamic. A photographic chronicle of the design and building process can be found at Alberto's site.

According to the car blog, Jalopnik, the body of the new bike is made with steam-molded, laminated wooden veneer, laid side by side with incredibly precise detail, right down to the wheel hubs. It looks like it belongs in a wood-paneled library with wall-to-wall bookcases, leather chairs, and the lingering scent of scotch, but the craftsman demonstrates in his slideshow that it's plenty functional for a local spin.

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