10 Verner Panton Designs That Will Transport You Back to the '60s

10 Verner Panton Designs That Will Transport You Back to the '60s

By Paige Alexus
When you think of Verner Panton, what initially comes to mind?

It’s most likely the iconic Panton Chair, that made history as the first single-formed injection-molded plastic seat. However, there’s so much more that he brought to the world, and everything he did was bursting with character and represented the changing times. 

A photo of Verner Panton from 1993.

When the psychedelic, Pop Art mentality was gaining speed in the 1960s, the Danish-born architect and designer became one of the leading influencers. While always pushing the boundaries of technology and utilizing new materials, he experimented with geometric forms and bold colors to create unique furnishings. Most notably, he crafted futuristic interior landscapes that were wild and imaginative, which included designing the walls and textiles, to the lighting and furnishings—all of which supported an easy-going, free lifestyle. 

One of Panton's creations is shown here with a close-up of the wall elements produced by Harlacher for Visiona 2 at the 1970 IMM Köln Möbelmesse / Cologne Furniture Fair.

 Below, we’ve gathered ten of our favorite Verner Panton pieces. Learn about their backstories and find out where you can purchase them today.  

Verpan VP Globe Pendant Light
Verpan's VP Globe Pendant is as much a work of art as it is a light source. The design was originally created by Verner Panton in 1969 out of a transparent acrylic. The interior of the light includes five hand-polished reflectors that are comprised of hollowed-out aluminum with lacquered finishes.
Louis Poulsen Panthella Floor Lamp
Verner Panton made an enduring name for himself, thanks to his unique sense of color, shape, and space. When he designed the Panthella Floor and Table lamps in 1971, he was looking to create a light where both the foot and the shade would act as light reflectors.
Verpan Barboy Trolley
Verpan’s Barboy is a re-release of Verner Panton’s versatile bar trolley and mobile storage unit from 1963. Made of moulded wood, Barboy consists of four cylindrical elements, two of which swing out to the sides.
&Tradition Topan Pendant Light
The shapely Topan Pendant Light by &Tradition was the very first lamp by Verner Panton that went into mass production, and its simplicity and coolness prove to be a lasting value.
Verner Panton Living Tower
Verner Panton’s Living Tower impresses: By its safe size, its revolutionary room concept, its vivid colors, and its extreme modernity. Already designed in 1969, Vitra re-vitalizes the futuristic classic piece.  Verner Panton concentrated on newish room concepts in the end of the 1960s.
Verpan Pantop Pendant
The Pantop Pendant Light from Verpan is a bold ceiling light that provides warm, direct lighting, and is best utilized in a dining room or over a counter in an open kitchen. Defined by its distinctive bell shape, the Pantop provides a refreshing take on the limits of overhead lighting.
Verpan Moon 34 Pendant Light
Designed by Verner Panton in 1960 and today manufactured by Verpan, Moon pendant is a stunning example of Danish lighting design of the 1960s. Inspired by the phases of the Moon, the pendant light consists of nested steel lamellae that open like a fan, reflecting soft and white light.

What's your favorite design by Panton? Let us know and why in the comments!

Cover photo courtesy of Panton Design, Basel.


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