7 Van Conversion Companies That Will Do the Legwork For You

7 Van Conversion Companies That Will Do the Legwork For You

By Jennifer Baum Lagdameo
Get on the road faster by leaving the carpentry and wiring to the pros.

Whether you're looking to conquer rugged terrain off-grid, or simply want an adventure-ready vehicle, camper vans pose a great solution for those eager to take life on the road. If you're itching to join the enticing #vanlife movement taking over your Instagram feed, but don't quite have the skills to trick out your own van, don't worry—you can always have one revamped for you. We've rounded up seven companies here to help. All you'll need to do is pack your bags for your next getaway.

1. Glamper Van

More than just a weekend getaway vehicle, Glamper Van's MUV (multi-use vehicle) is ready to become a part of your daily life. Not only can it "haul your stuff like a truck" and serve as your own two-person camper with a queen size bed, it can also house a mobile office. 

If you happen to already have a RAM Promaster 136wb van, Glamper Vans can "upfit" their designs into the vehicle by adding customizations that will minimize build cost and time. The process runs around $20,000 to $50,000 depending on your options. For more information on pricing and options, click here

This is Glamper Van's Promaster MUV model with new outside lights.

The beautiful wood interiors have a customized utilitarian feel. The bed in the back can be raised so that the space can also be used as an office. 


ZENVANZ offers everything from DIY kits starting at $18,000 to complete 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter van conversions for $164,500. In addition to all vans being crafted with flexibility, modularity, and longevity in mind, each one is crafted so that the designs can be easily removed when needed, in order to convert your van back into a daily vehicle.

This 2017 ZENVANZ 4x4 Sprinter in Stone Gray just sold.

High-end interiors feature streamlined curves and bent solid bamboo panels. 

3. Outside Van

If you love 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter camper vans, Outside Van is another great company to check out, as it keeps these vehicles in stock ready to be customized any time. In addition, the team can covert your own Sprinters, Transits, and ProMasters vans as long as they are 2007 models or newer. Check out the customization options here

This "Space Mountain" van is a converted Mercedes Sprinter 170." It now features a mini kitchen, table, and dinette with benches that pull out to form a 74-inch bed.

 The captain's chairs swivel to create additional seating, and there is even room for gear. 

4. This Moving House

After realizing how much he enjoyed converting a second-hand 2012 Mercedes Benz Sprinter van, England–based Jack Richens decided to turn his hobby into a business. He now offers his bespoke conversion services to others via his own company, This Moving House

This Moving House was commissioned to build this unique van, called "The Dog Van," for a client who regularly attends dog shows. The conversion needed to include space for two kennels, a mini kitchen, a fixed bed, and a guest bed which could be quickly stowed away. 

Richens also included 100w solar panels on the roof, 240v electrical hookup, a night heater, and even a toilet.

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5. Adventure Co.

With Adventure Co., conversions start at $36,000. The team also offers to work with customers and conduct the conversions in stages in order to break up the time and costs, helping you build out your van on a budget. 

This model is called the Redwood King. 

Deluxe redwood interiors even include a mini-kitchen countertop with a live edge. 

6. Van Life Customs

When Dave—Van Life's owner and a former Marine—decided to spend a year on the road, he did so in his first van, which he called "Betty White." To make ends meet, he began building live-in van interiors in clients' backyards, which eventually led him to start Van Life Customs.  

Now, his Denver–based business has grown organically through word of mouth, and he and his small team bring their skills together to create customized camper vans for various adventure-seekers. 

This model features clean, simple interiors, along with a roof rack that houses 300W of Renogy Eclipse solar panels. 

In addition to its gorgeous interiors, the model boasts 300AH of Battleborn lithium battery power storage, a bluetooth enabled Smartsolar controller, a 2000W Go-Power inverter, and room for two mountain bikes.  

7. Rossmönster Vans

The team behind Rossmönster Vans started out as custom woodworkers, carpenters, and engineers with a passion for the outdoors. After working on their first van together in 2014, they fell in love with "van life," and now the rest is history. Whether you need a new base van or want them to work with one you already own, they offer custom woodwork with every build.  

The Alaska model features beautiful woodwork throughout and starts at $42,500, depending on customizations.

The table folds up and the banquettes can become a bed for two. 


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