Two Innovative Tea Products

Two Innovative Tea Products

By Eujin Rhee
You may have heard of the hot beverage made by steeping dry tea leaves into boiling water. Tea in all its varieties and forms—black, white, green, powdered as matcha, and more—has been a hit for over five millennia, with its original development linked to China. So when a Stockholm-based design company, Afteroom, advocates "the traces of time," it comes to us with no surprise that they offer these two innovative tea products—the Tea Caddy Set and Tea Brick. Whether you're a flourishing aficionado or budding connoisseur, Afteroom has got you covered. In the tea department, that is.

The three leveled Caddy Set in light grey.

Tea Brick—For those who wants to forgo the Tea Caddy, have no fear. Afteroom's Tea Brick contains nine blocks of bunched up, hand-picked tea leaves grown in a pesticide-free environment, available in three flavors—Oolong for a mellow, woody taste, Jinxuan for light, milky notes, and Jinxuan Green for green tea lovers. Simply break a block, set it in a pot, add boiling water, wait for 5-10 minutes depending on desired tea strength, and voilà!

Tea Caddy Set—Skillfully made of smooth clay, this storage-friendly tea set includes a traditional bamboo caddy spoon. Available in brown, light grey, and dark grey.


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