Totally Cube-ular: Nissan Unveils 2009 Cube

Totally Cube-ular: Nissan Unveils 2009 Cube

Boxy is boss and square is where it’s at. Nissan unveiled their new 2009 Cube at the LA Auto Show on Tuesday, and it’s a car that eschews sleek lines and embraces “social space,” with a unique design that seats five in a setting that’s more lounge-like than uniform.

The Cube touts its young-at-heart spirit to attract all ages to get behind the wheel. "In some ways, the Cube is like the big cardboard appliance boxes you used to play in as a kid–they could be clubhouses, race cars, forts, whatever your mood and imagination wanted at the time," says Al Castignetti, the Vice President of Sales for Nissan North America, Inc. "The Cube’s interior leaves room for imagination and personalization, yet also starts with a solid functional purpose."

Structural and technological tweaks to the original 1998 design, plus a wide range of available customizable features, make this a simple, smart, entry-level mobile. At a time when taking to the streets can be a major investment, the Cube–like the similarly shaped Scion and Honda Element–is a four-walled ride that brings a bit of fun back to the road.

The Cube goes on sale in America in spring 2009 at a Nissan retailer near you.


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