Top 5 Homes of the Week With Funky Facades

Who doesn't love that house on the block that's drastically different than the rest? Check out our editor's favorite homes from this week that aren't afraid to stand out with unique roofing, facades, and more.

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1. 548 Stradbrook Condominiums

Architect: 5468796 Architecture, Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada 

From the architect: "Located on a mature residential street lined with turn-of-the-century homes, 100-year-old elm trees and an historic brick church, the building is wrapped in a reflective glass shroud that allows it to be camouflaged with its character-filled surroundings. The design reinterprets traditional lap siding with a custom, shingled glass façade of reflective panels that are overlaid like fish scales both vertically and horizontally across the entire building. The tempered panels follow a simple grid pattern that allows them to be easily substituted for windows wherever necessary. The mirror-like finish and subtle angling of the glass creates an ephemeral interplay of reflections and light during the day, and transforms the building into a glowing apparition at night."

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2. The New Twin Peaks

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Rose Bay, New South Wales, Australia

From the architects: "Built on the bones of a solid 1970s Rose Bay home with an existing single roof ridge to the front and a substantial addition to the rear under a new second roof ridge; these design elements are the aspects that differentiate this new Twin Peaks from the original, Queen Anne, gabled Twin Peaks house. Designed with a modern language of sharp edges, abstract forms, robust cantilevered canopies and oversized windows, this project is a contemporary version of the double gables, shingles and traditional glazing of the Darling Point project."

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3. The Triplex Apartments

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Bellevue Hill, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

From the architects: "The penthouse is a garden apartment with a trinity of robust masonry and concrete volumes, converging towards the front door. A living room with double height windows and a smaller study opening links around the central entry door. A chequerboard pattern of aluminum shade screens and glass balance the proportions."

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4. The Books House

Architect: Luigi Rosselli Architects, Location: Mosman, New South Wales, Australia 

From the architect: "Weathered rock stratums have been replaced by off-form concrete slabs with soft edges, scissoring above a monolithic sandstone story for the house. An elliptical concrete stair forms the pivot point of each floor of the house, anchoring them to the steep escarpment; the stair also wraps around a lift core that descends, mineshaft-like to link the rest of the house to the garage level.The rock is integral to the house: from the basement to the uppermost level of the home, where the sandstone formations provide an ancient geological scenography."

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5. iA_house

Architect: LANDÍNEZ+REY arquitectos | eL2Gaa, Location: Pozuelo de Alarcón, Comunidad de Madrid, España 

From the architects: "Not having a horizon, iA_house traces the limits of its domestic space in the walls containing the plot, barely three meters in the north and 11 in the south, without interruption. However, from east to west, the house itself forms part of the perimeter enclosure, from the street entrance in the east to the covered outdoor area in the west. Thus a polarization of the house’s interior/exterior relationship is established: transversality in its link with the surroundings and longitudinal continuity in the transit areas and internal visual relationships: we put geometry in opposition with topology, and pit construction and scale against continuity and time."

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