Toast Linen: Behind the Design + Styling Tips

Toast Linen: Behind the Design + Styling Tips

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We were skeptical at first: Brown Bedding? While it wasn’t the obvious choice for most of us, our visionary Product team knew better. They produced a color so striking and luxurious, all of Parachute is swooning over this earthy hue!

Meet Toast, the newest color in our Linen Collection. It’s a warm neutral that pairs well with our entire assortment. Not too light, not too dark – how did they make Toast so delicious-looking? We sat down with the Toast masterminds to learn how the color was meticulously calibrated, what their favorite ways to style it are, and how to ensure a successful photoshoot that captures the color’s essence. It’s about to get nice and toasty up in here!

The Design 

Introducing Toast Linen: The greatest thing since sliced bread; Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

What inspired Toast? Was it difficult to nail the color – or did you achieve it easily? 

Meghan McGrady, Product Development Manager: Our current Linen Collection is comprised of fairly cool colors. We wanted to add another grounding neutral to the mix – and to warm things up in the process. It was also important to develop a hue that would pair nicely with our entire assortment. 

The color we landed on was actually a fluke! What we received from our manufacturer wasn’t what we had in mind – but we loved it. It was not easy to replicate, though. When it came time for the dyeing process, there was a lot of blue and red balancing required to replicate the exact shade of brown we liked. At first, it was coming out too yellow or green. Usually it takes two months to get the color right – Toast took over four months. It was a long process, but we’re thrilled with the turnout. 

Toast on Toast paired with our Oatmeal Essential Shams for a more monochromatic look; Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

How did you choose the name? 

Amy Hoban, Creative Director: The original color we submitted to the lab was an olive tone. The lab dip that came back didn’t look olive at all – it looked like a slice of Toast! We decided to go in a different direction because we instantly fell in love with the color and the name. 

Meghan: We were looking for a name that evoked a warm neutral. Toast fit the bill. 

How does Toast complement the existing Linen Collection? 

Meghan: Toast is a grounding hue and really rounds out the Collection. With any new color in the Collection, our goal is to have it pair – and enhance – our existing tones. Toast fits right in.  

Toast and White is our Creative Director’s favorite combination; Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

What’s your favorite fabric and color to pair with Toast Linen? 

Meghan: It’s hard to choose a favorite look because it goes so well with everything! We source inspiration from a lot of places, and I’m currently obsessed with layering color – in my clothing, in art and on my bed! I dig a tri-color look with Toast, Fog and White Linen. You could do a Toast Duvet Cover with Fog Pillowcases and a White Top Sheet. Toast makes a bed look instantly styled. 

Amy: I can’t get enough of Toast paired with White. This combo feels very sophisticated and sort of beachy. On the shoot, I felt like I was walking into a beautiful waterfront hotel room on the Mexican Riviera! 

Why did you choose to create Toast in Linen as opposed to Percale or Sateen?

Meghan: We have Sand in our Percale and Sateen fabrics – it’s a lighter brown than Toast. We really wanted to round out the Linen Collection and add some depth. Now we’re on a one-to-one playing field between our Egyptian Cotton and Linen Bedding. 

A tri-color look with Toast, White and Coal (also our Product Development Manager’s preferred style); Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

How do you recommend styling Toast Linen if your bedroom is on the darker side (no white walls or white floors)? 

Meghan: Toast Linen is a very striking and relatively saturated color. With that said, I think you could go one of two ways when styling it in a darker bedroom. One option is to outfit your Bedding in all Toast (Duvet Cover, Sheets, Pillowcases) for an elevated, more sophisticated look. Another option is to add a White Essential Quilt or White Essential Shams to create some contrast and lighten things up! 

Amy: With Toast, you can choose to brighten things up with some of our cooler Linen colors or go in a heavier direction with something like Toast and Coal. This pairing would work really well with walnut furniture or a darker wall – it’s very stunning. 

Toast and Blush Linen framed with clean, simple and natural props for a soft touch; Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

Do the set props change for each Bedding color? For example, we see white and chrome fixtures for the White Bedding and brass fixtures for the Toast Bedding. 

Amy: We try to create both light and dark looks during our shoots. The props correspond more with the vibe or the shot rather than the color of the Bedding. Although Toast is launching in the spring and we want it to have a fresh feel. The color is part of our core collection and will be offered year round, so we always plan ahead and style the look for multiple seasons. Scott Horne (Prop Stylist) is a master at adding the perfect details to each setup. 

How do achieve a unique look for each color but maintain visual cohesion? What are your secrets? 

Amy: Using the same set allows us to create cohesion throughout the collection. We always shoot on the same bed! When it comes to props, we try to stay on brand using stylish, mid-century, organic and artistic pieces. Color wise, if we are using Blush our shots will skew a bit more feminine. If we are shooting Navy, we may pull art with more blue tones. Some props are specific to the color while some are specific to a particular vibe we are trying to achieve. 

The Shoot 

Where the magic happens; Source: Nicole LaMotte/Parachute 

Did Toast photograph easily? Did you have to use any special lighting techniques to capture the correct color? 

Nicole LaMotte, Photographer: Toast photographed relatively easily. We were able to stick to our usual lighting pattern with very little modification! 

What was your favorite Toast pairing to shoot? 

Nicole: No question, Toast and Blush! It’s unique – and a little trendy – but still looks elegant. Toast and White is also a clean and crisp option, but it reminds me a little too much of my preppy roots (khaki pants and a white button down anyone?). 

What’s your favorite type of toast?

Meghan: I never pass up sourdough with a little butter. It’s simple, but it’s what I love! 

Amy: I’m classic. I love sourdough bread toasted with butter. If I’m feeling really crazy, I’ll put some peanut butter on it. 

Nicole: Definitely French Toast!  

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