To Tiny, with Love
By Sara Ost / Published by Dwell

The mini motives blog chronicles one woman's adventure in building her very own 'fort'—from millwork to the "tiny house weight debate"—and it's a delightful read, with plenty of firsthand tips to be found.

Blake's Tiny House

Join Blake as he documents the entire process of building his tiny house (there are also tiny house plans available on the site).

Tiny House Talk

Small spaces mean more freedom, proclaims Tiny House Talk. Blogs, tiny house plans, workshops aplenty to be found at this great small space living website. We particularly like this post on box bungalows.

Tiny House Community

Functioning rather like a social network and directory for tiny house denizens, the first Tiny House Community started in Washington, D.C. and others have popped up since. This website keeps tabs on them all and is brimming with resources for tiny houses in locations all over the country.


The faircompanies website contains lots of videos on the topic of tiny houses—don't miss it!


Have a hankering for a weekend away, tiny style? Look no further than Airbnb, where you can find tiny houses from the Puget Sound to the Eastern seaboard.

Off Grid Shelters

A commercial resource with loads of plans for off-the-grid, eco-friendly, and small space living. A custom architectural plan takes you from start to finish.

"Tiny house for tall people" image via iDesignArch

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