Timeless Garden Botanical Clock

The Timeless Garden is a simple, slender plant pot for catgrass or other low-maintenance botanicals, with a faceplate that displays the time. The clock is powered by a chemical reaction between the soil inside the pot and the metal wires connected to the digital display. Much like the classic kids' science project in which you can light an LED with a piece of #lemon_battery">fruit, or the more design-centric Bedol Water Clock, the Timeless Garden generates just enough electricity through its basic components to keep you running on time. What's more the body of the clock is made from recycled plastic—a green gadget all around.


Plugging a cord into a socket or inserting a battery may seem like the easiest way to power a small appliance but it's not the only way. Italian designers Francesco Castiglione Morelli & Tommaso Ceschi designed the Timeless Garden concept clock as a demonstration of the way in which a few simple scientific principles can provide you with self-sustaining electricity.

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