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By Erika Heet / Published by Dwell
Conceptualized by a Parisian violin maker and handmade of limewood with a water-based finish, the Tidy Books Box allows kids to select books from their covers rather than their spines.

Geraldine Grandidier says the design was "born out of my own family’s needs," after she was dissatisfied with traditional bookcase designs while looking for one for her daughter. "Children don’t choose books from the spine but from the cover, and when a child takes a book from a traditional bookcase, the rest collapse," she says. Her solution includes forward-facing shelves in varying heights, almost reminiscent of theater seating, on both sides, and can display and hold books of all shapes and sizes. Grandidier added a built-in handle, and a play clock to help little ones learn to tell time.

Tidy Books Box - Photo 1 of 3 - Courtesy Paul Tucker

Courtesy Paul Tucker

The box is fairly easy to put together and holds a surprising number of books. My six-year-old daughter and I tried one out (in Natural), placing it near her bedside table to hold the usual overflow of favorites normally stacked there. Even in the very small room, the Tidy Books box provides easily movable storage and a simple way for her to recognize and select her own reading material. It's also satisfyingly reminiscent of the children's display shelves at the library.

Tidy Books Box - Photo 2 of 3 - Courtesy Paul Tucker

Courtesy Paul Tucker

For larger and varying spaces, Grandidier has also created full-size outward-facing bookcases and bunk bed book cubbies.

Tidy Books Box - Photo 3 of 3 - Courtesy Paul Tucker

Courtesy Paul Tucker

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